27 Mar, 2017 08:10 AM
I want to be the happiest person in one day
That I could feel the freedom and beautiful surrounding 
Like no one cares for me nor judge me
It’s like I can do what I want to do
I can feel what I want to feel

They say it’s hard to live in this complicated world
That every mistake you’ve done
Everybody hates you in just a minute
Without depending your side first
Without knowing the reason behind that mistake

Sometimes I want to shout and blame someone
Blame them why I’m still in pain?
But I realize, if I’m going to blame them, can I go back to the time?
Or I just need a pale of tears to less the pain?
Or let the destiny cure the pain, and wait for the happy day?

I already fall in love, many times
But most of the time, I am the one who left behind
I am the one who left by another one and suffer for the hardest part of being person
I am the one who cried for them to let go
And the one who always give up on, just to let someone’s happy
Tags: Lonliness, Love
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