Love Suicide

Ink, paper, and a pen

13 Mar, 2017 11:12 AM
Remembering memories, we used to be so happy
We said we'll risk it all to this love aint easy
Now all i can feel is the wind so breezy
Coz by my side ur gone, everything seems so creepy.

I dont know what went wrong
I feel bad hearing "the secret love song" 
I dont wanna lose you but what should i do? 
Loving you keeps me alive, seeing you together i die inside. 

I dont care if its wrong, coz my love is right
I feel weak deep inside yet i still wanna fight
You smile with her i die, ur smile to my is my light
I dont wanna see you together, be gone out of sight. 

Loving you is suicide
Yet baby u know so hard i tried
I wanted to fight but deep inside i already died
Hoping there's a chance for you and i.
Tags: Love, Hurt, Hopeless
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