I'm Fine


26 Nov, 2016 11:42 PM
She asked me today if I was okay today.
Again the next day, over and over again.
She knew me to well, better than I ever did.

Answering everyday "I'm fine, okay?"
She just stared at me, my black eyes hopefully revealing nothing
I closed my eyes, eventually the years turned and so did she
She turned her back on me, because i never answered her the truth
Always answering her "I'm fine."

Once opon a dream
I wished to be happy
I smiled and was laughing
I always had hope

Now all I saw was a destruction of mess
A problem in the family
Wrecking everything that came in front of me
I was the mistake
I always knew

My family hurt
More than they know
I made mistakes
But always it was because i felt 
no acceptance 
no love

I opened my eyes again and saw my family
the light that filled their hearts and hopes
My sister who was the happiness
About to loose my soul
I let tears fall, burning my cheeks 
I closed my eyes again
I never ever wanted to wake up again.
I heard her voice again "Are you okay?"
I whispered "No, but thank you for asking everyday."

I fell asleep, the wind blowing a lullaby
The trees swaying
The blackness surrounding me
No light
Tonight, "I'm fine."
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Ella Nightingale says:
26 Feb, 2017 11:26 PM

This is really good!

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