19 Nov, 2016 12:19 AM
I sit in the corner of my bed..
Wishing I was dead
I waited for you and you left me
You left me and took the love I saved for myself with you
You knocked down my walls just so you can see what I look like on the other side

I've waited for you
Staying up for days...
Wondering where you have been..
You asked if " I'm okay"
I lied to you and said everything is just fine

You act as if I don't know what you did..
I watch you come home every night with your collar up, 
your hair all messed up..
Right behind you I see a shadow and I hear that shadow giggle into the night as you bring her into my home...

I waited for you to come home, 
I didn't wait for you to bring your little friend with you..
I trusted you and of course you blew it..
You always do..
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