Why did you have to leave?


18 Nov, 2016 08:29 PM
I waited for you...
But you never came
Hours and hours went by and you never showed
I was worried about you,
until the day you came knocking on my door

You were drunk and wanted more..
You tried to come in,
but with all my strength I pushed you away..
You left me in the dust..
You wanted more than just my love

I gave you everything..
But to you that wasn't enough..
I always loved you,
but you never loved me

Oh, why did you had to leave?
You left me in such bad shape..I cried for weeks..
Until the day I finally figured out you were nothing worth crying for...
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Kartikeya Singh says:
05 Nov, 2017 05:57 PM

hi ashley, your poem reminds of someone i was with 8 years ago, since then i never had anyone in my life. i know i shouldn't say this but would you like to take a chance on me?

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कार्तिकेय सिंह says:
05 Nov, 2017 06:03 PM

hi Ashley, i felt the same pain you felt but 8 years ago, since then i never found anyone. you poem reminded me of her. i know i shouldn't ask but would you like to take a chance on me. i would be happy to have someone like you.

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