Questions Never Answered

Kathja Andersen

27 Jul, 2016 12:30 AM
Why do i feel misunderstood
when everyone says they "understand"?.
Why do i feel like i'm alone
when they say "we're here for you"?
why do i question my life and choices
when it's so clear to me that it's all in the past?.

I can't see my future
yet i know it's not a good one.
"I want help" is a sentence i have never said directly.
Yet it seems everyone know
no it dosen't "seem" like that, they know.
They just don't feel the need to help.

Who are "they"? who are these people that make us torment ourselves everyday?
they clacify us as being paranoid, yet they don't question.
They don't question anything
so sure they will have a bright future, that everything is going their way.

Those are not "people" but shells of what they want to be.
They say that we are overeacting, that we should be "happy".
Happyness is a feeling that can't be stolen or taken away.
no, it's not taken or stolen, it's destroyed.

Once happyness is gone you can only pretend.
It's like a summer breeze, all of a sudden it's gone.
With the questions unanswered there isn't room for anything
even with this summer breeze flowing by and disappearing, some still call it wind.
Even with this sadness people just call it being over dramamtic.
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