Whats the point


20 May, 2016 11:00 PM
What's the point of trying
All the dreams I have is dying

I'm sorry I did you wrong
I'm sorry I played those sad songs

But u neglected me
Left me without pride I began to hate myself but I try
Without me, I think the sun would be brighter dang it

I lost the last bit of love again love me
One last time give me the chance

Don't let me say goodbye If I was 6feet under the dirt, 
that's when u began to care to never see me again that's when you'll learn then I should've stayed in your arms 
u should have never let me go 
now I know u won't care to read the feelings I wrote for u but I hope u know I love u 

What's the point 
No one never knows the answer you hate me with a passion 
yet I still believe you care why do you hate me why do you 
but what's the point since you never will
 I am nothing to you but whats the point
Tags: Pain, Broken
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