Man of The World

timothy long

06 Apr, 2016 03:48 PM
Foolish children is what i say, 
reckless love's made me rue every day, 
fuck you, 
no one has a clue, 
live my life and you'll kill yourself to, 
you'll have to get to know me, 
maybe it will get better one day, 
but im not exist in a world so gray, 
im dead anyway, 
why must these thoughts ring true, 
why cant i be you, 
i have nothing while you have something, 
hurry to rush while you can, 
its not to late, 
there's still some fate, 
don't lose your chance.

why am i awkward or mean, 
i didn't meant to be green, 
did i make you blue? 
flowers in the attic, 
graves in the yard, 
tears fall with no realization that your gone, 
ive been hurt only now im burnt, 
wish care would be sent my way, 
despair makes me quite the pair, 
what to do when the heart is shattered and sad, 
is it enough blind? 

i swear i tried, 
only god knows how much my misery will grow, 
girls dont see what hasnt hurt them yet, 
how can one pray for a soul to keep when mines taken? 
show a little love, 
some kudos to be sent this way, 
maybe a goodbye is today, 
never was it the best of my work, 
but i might as well say, 
i cried today, 
ashes lay, 
carry me for today, 
i should get use to it, 
its what ive come to expect, 
thats another lie, im sorry a fib, 
it brings tears to my eyes, 
i can't believe what i saw, 
i just dropped my jaw, 
im lonely and broken inside, 
ive been hurt oh so bad, 
are you mad? 

help me please..
im crazy please, 
something remains unspoken, 
the world takes advantage of those weakened by life, 
where's the hands to guide me through deceptions and lies, 
ive been there for quite some time, 
you cant see where to look when its in front of your eyes, 
all the stresses weigh heavily on your mind, 
you know its there, 
you can see through the fog in your life, 
in the darkest of your world, shines some light, 
i see a light shinning far but bright, 
before i knew it my whole world was left behind, 
even the closest of the close drifted from my side, 
leaving me robbed of clear sight, 
making me almost blind, 
it humbles even the strongest of minds, 
even mine, 
im screwed arnt i? 
maybe so.. 

i guess I'll go, 
but you've come so far, 
foolish is what i said, 
leaving only me dead, 
i wont leave a letter, 
nothing at all, 
will you even notice im gone? 
i will not break this silence we shared for so long, 
i will be strong, 
why did i stay here, 
stay for so long when were so far gone? 
i feel so stupid taking this fall, 
i should of seen it, 
known all along, 
what could you possibly want from me, 
can't you see im already gone?
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Kitty says:
05 Aug, 2016 10:01 AM

Right the fuck on! Pardon my f word but it's 4:30 am, maybe my last as well, your expression delighted my soul- I am not alone. Damn groovy of you to share, thank you- and don't stop jotting down've a gift. If we are all alone; we're in that together !

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Dave says:
18 Nov, 2017 12:49 AM

I've beenthroughbell and back all my life everyone I've ever let in has hurt me the same as my family has I should,be a horrible person from the start but I'm not and I'm so tired of trying to find happiness in this so called life

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