wish that came to be part 2


26 Feb, 2016 06:33 AM
My wish for you that came to be ended so quickly,
I was once given a chance that became too many,
I cleaned the mess, but then realized that I made it a mess again.

I had a habit that haunted me, for what reason it came to be,
You left saying goodbye, can't do this no more, figure out what you want,
My wish is gone, because my addiction did me wrong.

Now the years we had was never existing, since I threw it all away,
Away down the drain like wasting water when you leave it on,
Yes I know you warned me, yes I seen this coming, so now you punish me.

Punishing me is all I am used too, so why did you pick the time,
The time when I needed you most, the time when I was getting sent away,
Time when I was breaking down inside, you picked the time so I could be crushed.

Damage is done you no longer look back, now I go my own way, 
My wish to be was gone, now I say I don't care so I can go on another day,
A day to see you is the day I am not meaning to be mean.

On that day you'll see me loving someone else,
Then I bet you'll start loving me since I'm in love with someone else,
That could or will be better than you.

Wish that became to be was not meant to be,
You are no longer the wish I wanted, eventhough it was hard,
What you don't see is that I have my wishes, wishes don't last,
Least the wish I had is something that I gotten, so don't worry I have other wishes.

I enjoyed my days with you but it was hard, but I am still standing,
Goodbye my accomplished wish, I no longer need this wish.

Least it became to be in our history, history that I block away,
Away so you can't hurt me, so you can do what you please,
I am done as well.

Goodbye my wish that once became to be.
Tags: Broken, Breakup, Lost, Past
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Kaitlin says:
02 Jul, 2016 11:34 PM

I LOVE IT! Nicely put! :D

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vizell says:
24 Nov, 2016 08:21 PM


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