I pray

Daniel Bogogolela

28 Jan, 2016 09:51 AM
We love each other but,
not  the way people think.
They don’t know how  we’ve come 
to know each other because they’re
still to learn about us.

When I was young and pregnant,
non of them could believe I was
carrying his child.
They had thought I was lying to
his parents to get close to his family.

But when they learned that I had a baby
bump, that’s when all of them asked
for my forgiveness.
And when I told them that I had forgiven
them, all of us cried tears of joy.

I know a lot of parents who think that
due to my shady, dark past, I may influence
Their kids badly, but, given the fact that I’ve
now proven myself to be a good person by
things I do every day,
 why should I continue to live my life—
thinking what are they going
to say next?

You know what, I feel like I need space to 
rediscover who I’m in this world.
Re! Because I’ve done a lot of things
during my recovery good and bad.
But none  have to define me because
 we’re all human beings.
So people who are looking at my man,
wondering how it happened that he chose
me over them, should find themselves 
things to do.

I’ve a loving, doting husband and a son
who I should love unconditionally.
I pray that the hope and peace
within our family shouldn’t be distracted
by people whose duty is to spread lies.
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