Young love and the Key


12 Nov, 2015 07:51 PM
What can I say,
It hasn't even been a year. 
I can't call it love
But it feels like that
Every glance Word
Breath I took
Grows stronger 
Your smile, 
Makes me want to smile,
Your success, 
Is my success
There could be a million faces,
But the only one that gets my attention, is yours. 
I would do anything for you, 
Maybe it is love, but it's young love

You've got a heart as loud as lions, 
You have a bright light, 
I've locked my heart so many times,
Yet you always have the key

I always tell myself I don't need anyone 
Besides great friends…
But you,
I feel like you are my everything…
From the morning to night
No matter what I always think about you…

A broken heart…
And you can fix it. 
But please don't leave me 
Or else a broken heart 
Will be permanent
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