You Alone

Ink, paper, and a pen

16 Oct, 2015 10:22 PM
In my life i never thought i would love again
All these years im stuck up in the rain
Everytime i remember all i feel is pain
But now you're here lifting me up from vain.

You showed me love like you've never loved before
I dont wanna fall, for myself, i swore
But with a simple you this feeling i cant ignore
Each moment with you the sweetest smile i wanna wore.

You hugged me like there's no tomorrow
You kissed me and removed all my sorrow
You hold my hand like forever i wanna borrow
You loved all of me and accepted all my downlow

I just want you and you alone
Hold my hand, my heart you've already won
Take all of me and lets run
In this cruel world together let us be gone.
Tags: Love, Hope, Wish
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Anna Namba says:
06 Nov, 2015 02:37 PM

I like this one...

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