3 years after


01 Feb, 2015 08:21 PM
I remember the day we first met. 
The first date was just perfect.
Your smile, it glowed ever so bright.
I could never forget that night.

Constantly sneaking a glance my way,
Something you stopped doing today.
I would do anything to relive it all,
The times when I truly enjoyed love's 'fall'.

You walked wherever with your head held high,
whenever you had me by your side.
Whatever happened to all that pride?
Whatever happened to treating me right?

You showed me off to all your friends,
and told them how you're such a lucky man.
Kissed and hugged me, showered me with affection,
anyone would have wished to be in my position.

Today you don't even look at me anymore,
You'd rather stare at your food or at your phone.
You reply a single word to everything I say,
Uninterested to ask me about my day.

You tell me you're not the romantic type,
that you don't get all the relationship hype.
You clearly stopped trying to work on us.
I don't see any efforts to make this last.

You said that my expectations were too high.
That the movies I watch were not real life.
How was it not real to treat a girl right?
Just like you did on that first night.

So tell me whats so false about the movies?
Its the same kind of love I used to receive.
It is possible, you made it happen before,
Although for 2 years, you didn't anymore.

Did you stop loving me? Do I bore you?
Am I no longer worth it? What should I do?
Kept trying so hard to bring 'it' back,
That romantic spark that we now lack.

No matter how many times I would like to try,
to bring back that once loving guy,
nothing would change, I won't get him back.
Knowing full well it takes two hands to clap.

Today, I stay and still hope for a change,
come to his senses and realise just how strange,
that even after depriving me of love for years,
I still chose to stay through the laughter and tears.

Hoping my unconditional love would open his eyes,
and see that this lady never left his side.
That day would come, maybe someday soon,
I'm putting all my hopes on that rare blue moon.

For now I'll just hold on to the past;
That one night you were on your best.
Praying our love would reignite,
because I could never forget that night.
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