My Best Friend

Ai Shinamori

30 Dec, 2014 12:29 AM
I thank you with my entire being, my friend. 
For you're the only one I could truly get close to.

Whenever I felt sad, alone, happy, or angry
 you were always there with me.
It always made me happy 
to see you eagerly waiting for me when I came home 
Even if I was just checking the mail.

Your loyalty to me 
is like nothing I could have ever even hoped to have 
It was unfailing

As I grew 
you grew along with me
But as you aged
you came much closer to death than me

Even as you grew tired
you never failed to meet me at the door
Even as your movements were slow
and your pulse weakening
I still found you waiting for me at the door

You were barely awake 
and I remember holding you in my arms
as tears streamed down my face

I remember the scream
that sounded from my mouth 
when you fell limp

I will never forget the time we spent together
for it was the only happiness I held
I will never forget your playfulness
or the way you would cuddle up next to me in sleep
I will never forget the times 
you brought your toy rope to play tug of war with me

But, I will especially never forget the friendship you've given me
For keeping me from giving up on life

My dog
my companion 
my family

I miss you terribly
and I will love you always
You will hold the most special place in my heart

For eternity
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