Bitter Sweet Smile

neil pathrick aman

23 Dec, 2014 04:56 PM
I remember the day you first smile at me.
The first time you wave a hand and said,"Hi"
The first time you ask my name and said a little joke.
The first I fell in-love to someone which is you.

The day you sat beside me and ask,"What time is it?"
Those days that I always see your smile.
When you look  into my eyes then said,"Can we be Friends?"
I never been so happy that i met someone like you.

Time pass us by yet your smile never fades.
You're the only girl that made my world a better place.
your smile brights up my day and made it new.
There's nothing more beautiful in this world than you.

One day I came to you with flowers in my hands.
Then I asked you,"Can you be my girl?"
"Yes"you replied,at that moment I'm the happiest man.
Now there a you and me and nothing can break us apart.

We've loved each other and made a promise.
"We will love each other till the end of our life time"
You and me we're friends...and now we're lovers.
I said,"I Love You"you replied"I Love You too"

One day I've noticed that your smile starts to fade.
Your cheerful face changes and now with tears.
I'd tried to comfort you but it doesn't seem to work.
You cried all day looking at the albums of our memories.

Then you look down my casket and said a few words.
"My love...Why didn't you tell me?" then you started to cry.
For every tears that falls I'd tried to catch.
Those tears just goes through my hands.

I don't really want to leave you,I just don't have enough time.
I was too afraid to tell you that I'm not going to last.
I fought it till the end...I did my best but I still lost.
I always prayed that i could have more time to spend with you.

I'm sorry for not telling you what I'm hiding.
"I'm Sorry"I really am,please forgive what I've done.
I wish that i could have a second chance and say "I Love You"
"I Love You very much",I wish you could hear me say it.

every night i guard you,and sometimes I visit your dreams.
How can I tell you what I need to say if you always wake up.
Who am I to haunt you in your dreams...Who am I?
Every time you came near me I seem to move far away.

On my funeral you waited there till everyone went home.
You sat beside my tomb stone then asked,"What time is it?"
Then you answered yourself,"It's time to say goodbye"with tears in you eyes.
Then you saw me and wave a hand,and made a bitter sweet smile.
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