Only you

Loret Briel

18 Sep, 2014 07:32 AM
My heart skipped  a beat
Every time I saw you
When you first hugged me
I melt away in your arms

That night I lay in your arms for the first time
I wished we could stay like that forever
I'm happy we didn't because 
I would have missed the rest 

Our first kiss, I didn't want you to stop
I couldn't breath, I just hang on to you
I knew your were the one 
But did you feel the same

You asked me to be your wife
I couldn't believe it
I loved you so much and
You loved me even more

As time goes by 
We build our dreams together 
Talked about our forever
Our fairy tail wedding day we planned

But then you grow tired of me
You started to acting strange
You found other stuff to keep you busy
You told me how ugly I was

I cried, 
I prayed, 
I begged, 
I lost.

And then you left
Our dreams left with you
Our forever last three years
The fairy tale wedding did never happen...
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