I'm slowly giving up!

Kanashimi Raven

31 Jul, 2014 08:09 PM
I'm slowly giving up

The sun is setting, the night has come
The sadness, pain and suffering,
my demons once again arise
to torment me at night.

Tears, clear and salty
are kept a secret from those around
without a helping hand to reach for

I'm slowly giving up! 

The demons torture me
remind me of the things I hate
the painful words carved in my mind
the markings on my skin

I am a prisoner without an escape
chained by things which have no weight
each cry for help that goes unheard
each breath's a struggle for control

I'm slowly giving up. 

The night is coming to an end
the cries are turning silent
the smiles fake and hollow laughs 
are now my beautiful disguise 

Has someone stopped to look into my eyes?
To look past everything and see the pain inside?
To understand why I'm afraid to be alone
To help me when I feel like I'm soon gone

I feel like giving up

but if I do, 
then I won't have a second chance
to maybe have another life..
A family
my girlfriend back
and my few friends 
we won't be able to reunite 
with people whom I love

but giving up sounds so tempting 
when sorrow, memory and sadness 
are all that's keeping me alive
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