Cheater whom I cannot escape!

Kanashimi Raven

31 Jul, 2014 07:40 PM
Another cry full of despair 
Another broken promise
Each word I speak, with passion deep, 
means nothing to my stony heart. 
For years have past and my hurt stays. 
I can't forgive you in one day!

” Be gone” I want you out, gone and dead
 And Yet your presence lingers.
 I want you lost, your name forgotten 
Be gone you evil demon!

And yet, still now, you come to me!
How dare You call me yours?!
Have you not seen that our passion deep, has died so long ago?
Can you not see- my beauty queen, that our love is over? 

And should you speak the lines of passion you stole from Shakespeares' plays
Then I will answer them with smiles and words to please and praise

But deep inside my stony heart, I cry in pure despair
for I can never love someone who cheats, and lies like that
who claims the children that she carries are mine and mine alone
and not the boys she spends the nights with when I leave our home.
Tags: Hurt, Lies, Despair, Demon
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