One Secret


25 Apr, 2014 12:47 PM
You walk away as I cry,
you turn your back on my tears.
To imagine you capable of such things,
A monstrous idea indeed.

I trusted you as you broke me.
I was there when you needed,
But when I needed, where were you?

Pretending to be someone you aren't,
To impress your "friends."

I guess you will never know all I did,
All I've done, simply for you.

You forget I know the real you.
I know the person that hides beneath.
I know things about you, that others don't.

Don't worry. Your secrets are safe with me.
I won't betray your trust. As you did to me.

You were my friend.
Alas, that mistake no longer lives.
Only the pain in my heart, shows its existence.

I wish I knew what happened,
For you to do as you did.
But I guess that's one secret,
I'll never be privileged to.
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