Pamela's Special Day

jerry harrenstein

08 Mar, 2014 04:34 AM
Today is your birthday,so go out and play
with the other children and 
swing and sway
because this is your special day. 

Your night is going to be just as bright
with plenty of games to play.
Your friends will shower you with gifts
and this will really make your day.
Cakes and cream will be the delight 
on this night, your very special night.

When all the kissing and hugging is done
on this special night of fun
there will be a big thank you given to everyone.

Your dreams will come to you tonight
as you watch your friends leave you to carry 
on and bring an end to this very special night.

How loved you are by your family and friends
whom  made your day a very special day. 
They now stand and watch as you skip and sing
the songs from your very, very special day. 

This is how dreams are made and Pamela's dreams 
will come from this very special birthday day.
Happy birthday Pamela.
We all love you on your special day.
Tags: Family, Friend
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Marsha Gibbs says:
17 Sep, 2014 02:12 AM

Beautiful poem Mr. Harrenstein! Would like read more of your poetry!

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