Depths of Depression

Esphydion Alexandria

25 Jul, 2013 12:58 PM
I've gone and started thinking, 
Pain as I'm slowly sinking 
I climb the rhyme to try to find whats missing,
Views in my dreams that hit me, Most vividly, 

Faces that are too cold to touch, 
Empty vessel, my heart a new crutch,
Place into the metal the meaning right against my temple
Pull trigger, boom boom collapse, 

smash crash and the devil standing as the priest in mass. 
mourning over a body who's soul is lost away
Rainy morning of autumn gray, 
Its a dream, a nightmare that begs me to stay.

Cold status as I'm bent on time
Stuck in my mind
I'm losing it psychotically, 
A reject of human sociology, 

I fixate to be in a dead state
so bludgeoned to death by fate
In a world we cant recreate
A late hero in a world that can not wait...
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