Hey, prepare the rope

Hamzaa Chaba

18 May, 2013 08:52 PM
This darkness is so deep and profound
I’m lost in gloom and I can’t seem to be found
Drowning and sinking in poison and pain
And no one there to help me, I’m alone again
No one can possibly understand
No one there to pull my hand

Counting the days, waiting for the one who’ll show me the way
I’m exhausted and tired of trying, all my expectations fadeed away
I’ve lost hope, I’m vanishing in the blackness of the night
I’ll stop resisting, I’m loosing this war, I’ve lost every fight
Wretched, miserable, godforsaken
Wounded, misunderstood and broken

This is my life, this is me, a fallen demon from hell
Faking smiles, telling lies, and illusions as well
I’ll put an ending, I’ll stop pretending, it’s time for me to die
It’s time for me to leave, death is calling, I can’t deny
Death is my last chance, my only hope
My final escape, so Hey, prepare the rope
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