Defense of The Ancients

Cristina de Guzman

30 Jan, 2013 09:45 AM
In oblivion, she crawls, leaps,

runs, and  spread her wicked wings

to fly away from the warmth of home

to sneak into the dark and dismal town

where narrow paths lead to ecstasy,

camaraderie, death and victory.


Trailing the landmines buried by

the threesome trusted heroes

who feed her penchant for salve

that brings venom to her veins

yet lends a warming breath

from the savage torches, that ties

her willing arms to the filthy cape

of the mighty enchantress.


In oblivion, she retreats, runs away

from the raging battle of traitors

who dream to kill themselves

in the same cold war of the weakling

which enticed the enchantress to die

with a hero that casts both fire and ice

to hide their temple from the sinless snipers.


She invisibly…slowly… fakes a hallow death

to allure the scourges never to hinder

her righteous vow to defend the ancients.
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