09 Jan, 2013 03:47 AM
Why would you hurt me in so many ways?
I sit in a corner and cry each day.
Your words of hate,
they hurt real bad.
I've given up the only thing I've ever had.

I have only one question for you...

Why do you do what you do?
I try to mend the wounds you've created,
try to become that word called elated.

Yet every time I get close you knock me back down,
and the weird thing is that I don't make a sound.

Tears always flow freely,
for my heart is confused.
How can a human be so rude?! 

How can someone find fun in this?!
In hurting others, instead of creating bliss?!
I'm raising my voice, can you hear me now?!
Should I show you how you hurt me now?!

I'll throw my fists in alliance,
You hurt me and now I'll hurt you.
Because that is what people like you and I do.

You'll ask me why, and I'll just smile.
I'm not finished, this will take a while....
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