My Immortal Beloved

Conrad Carlo Venzon

14 Dec, 2012 08:33 AM
I can still remember,
The way you were beautiful as ever
When we’re still in second grade
And used to call me by my name.

When you first looked at me,
I thought that you’d fall in love eventually
That when I look at you
You’re heart will beat frantically.

You know, everyday of my life, I think of you
For my love is eternal and always true
I can’t live a day without seeing you
You’re the fire that blazes in my heart 
through and through.

But now that we’re in 4th year
I can’t sense that you’re near
The only thing I know is that you’re gone
That you have finally found someone.

Even though there’s a guy in your life
I don’t mind, even if in the future 
you’ll be his wife
I just hope that this guy really deserves a girl like you
For you are a goddess, and loving too.

Now that you finally have someone,
I must stop and carry on
Even though hope is gone,
I’ll cherish every memory and move on.
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