To David


05 Dec, 2012 03:30 AM
Peace to my brother
who sleeps through the thunder,
who was different from all others,
who now rests beneath the crest

of the sky we shared together;
whose advice still touches me
as eternally he sleeps.

To the life that can't be bound
to his grave beneath the ground,
to the love that can’t be severed
by this grief that lasts forever.

I could never thank him
for the life he saw in me,
for his strength when I was weak
and words only he could speak.

I know he's gone forever
and the tears still sometimes leak,
but I'll stay strong for my friend
whose advice still doesn't end.

I can feel him though he's gone,
and he whispers "please go on…
because my death you won't forget,
but the best in life is coming yet."
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