26 Jul, 2010 09:54 PM
All is darkness around me,
i can't think nor breathe,
let-a-lone say my feelings,
feelings that i keep bottled up,
in side my soul.

Everything i know is dead or gone,
and all i can see right now,
is my teardrops,
sparkling bright down my cheek.

i remember now,
words once whipered to me,
by a little girl,
named Arrabella.

she told me of another girl,
who's family was gone,
and all she had left was a stone,
which was given to her by her mother.
little did i know at the time,
that girl was me.

and now as i sit,
hidden in the trees,
i look back on my life,
and think about the other half,
of what Arrabella said;
"the girl was so confused and misguided,
she turned bad and started to hate everything good,
while loving everything evil,
everything but herself"

Arrabella was right,
i do hate myself for what i've become,
and so, i walk deep into the dangerous heart of forest,
where i shall despair,
never to be seen again,
and only then, when i am forgotten,
and with my family once more,
shall i finally be at peace.
Tags: Love
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Skye says:
10 Aug, 2010 12:11 PM

wow thats really an amazing poem

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Louisa says:
22 Sep, 2010 03:47 AM

it's so full of heart

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