Dirty Love Affair


31 Oct, 2012 02:03 PM
My tears feel like acid 
as they fall form my eyes, 
burning up my face, 
damn I'm torn apart inside. 

Why'd he have to be the one 
to stab and turn the knife?
I let him have my heart, 
he said he'd keep it safe, 

but instead he turned his head 
and left and walked away. 
He told me that he loved me, 
he told me that he cared. 

Why'd he have to change his mind? 
What a dirty love affair.
He used me and abused me 
then he threw me away. 

He ripped my heart open 
and tore it to shreads. 
I'm lost in this darkness, 
this void deep inside.

Now he is back and I feel the love again, 
I can't help but to smile 
when he is holding my hand. 
He makes me laugh but he made me cry. 
Should I trust or should I run and hide?
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