17 Sep, 2012 10:48 PM
There's a knife on the table
do i pick it up
just to make the pain go away

There's a knife on the table
so pointy and so clean
i pick it up, then put it back

Will they see
and make fun of me
for picking it up
just thinking about everyday
how i cut my arm
then cover it

Today's a new day
and there's a knife on the table
i want to pick it up
but they will see
they will see and make fun, my whole life
call me suicidal
whats the point

There's a knife on the table
so sharp and so clean

I look at them
they dont care
so i pick up the knife
and say hello
to a new cut.
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Neha says:
25 Sep, 2012 05:38 AM

It hurts...They Dont understand....They ask why did you do it....Battlescars...

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