Aina Grace Mission

10 Sep, 2012 10:23 PM
I met him and he met me,
we shared our common thoughts,
spent most of our time together,
and we then learned to love each other.

There it was,
relationship started to bloom,
we laughed together,
and hugged each other in times of trouble.

But every time he and I aren't in good terms,
he is crying,
and every time he does,
she is always there for him.

She's there ready to pacify his anger,
She's there to wipe the tears 
that's drowning his heart,

She's there to make him forget about me for a while,
She's there loving him more than a best friend does.

He started to notice her, his best friend
He turned his back from me,
and his feelings for her
outgrew the feelings that he once had for me.

I was badly hurt,
But what can I do ?
She's the best friend, 
and will soon be his next 
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