I'll tell myself

Sylvia Mickey

25 Jun, 2012 05:04 PM
Yes we did it.
But accomplished nothing.
It will be a memory that only we share.
With a sour feeling.
You don't want to date me.
You don't want to call me.
You don't want to see me.

So don't.
I won't be clingy.
I won't be annoying. 

I'll just go back to being that friend you see 
once a year
when she drives up to visit. 

We'll catch up and
then you'll excuse yourself.
Because you're a busy guy
and you have other people to see. 

Forget that I made the trip up to see you,
because everyone else is waiting. 
But on this night, 
you finally told them you are too busy.

Because I was in town.
And for one night,
I felt that I was finally getting your full attention. 
Until it was over.

Now I don't know when I'll see you again. 
Because it's your call. 
And though I'm the one driving up, 
it's your decision as to when I can visit. 
And I know that since it's up to you, 
it won't be for a long time. 

And I don't want to wait around. 
So I'll have to loosen the strings my heart tied to you.
Forget what I thought I felt.
And ask you in 6 months,

Hey, how's it going?
To which you'll reply, it's going. 
And I'll tell myself that I'm too busy to visit you. Because I don't have the time to make that trip.
And all will be back to normal.
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