Sadness In A Short Form

Sylvia Mickey

25 Jun, 2012 05:25 AM
Jay loved Mag in high school. 
Mag loves Jay in college.
But Jay loves Mergan in college.
Mergan loves Buster.
Jay freezes heart. 
Mag tries to melt it. 
Jay is impenetrable.
Mag is chilly.
Jay warms her.
Mag is happy.
Jay gets hard.
Mag is tender.
Jay is resistant. 
Mag is successful. 
Jay is quiet.
Mag is loving.
Jay is done.
Mag wants to hold Jay.
Jay wants to pretend it didn't happen.
Mag is sad.
Jay is getting dressed.
Mag is alone on the floor.
Jay doesn't feel that way, but thanks for the double. You didn't want to, did you? ok good. see ya.
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