Silent Screams

DC Martin

11 Mar, 2012 08:29 AM
A sentimental lover, a wisp of days gone by,
But abuse just like no other, 
stars spread about the midnight sky,

She sang a song of sixpence, 
and other heartfelt tunes,
But all that innocence was torn away, 
when he came into that little pink bedroom,

And in that moment silence could be heard above the screams,
And in that silent moment, 
you could hear that baby scream.

Scream out for a father, 
or a mother either one,
Anything to stop the pain 
and take her safely home,

Now 20 some odd years later, 
she earns her money on the street,
Lost within her past she finds 
there’s no escaping what she’s seen,

Another fix comes and goes, 
but the problems never leave
That’s the life she has today, 
the silence of her screams.

Pregnant but barely showing, 
she wishes that she looked younger,
Living on the streets she see’s 
it’s the only way to feed her hunger,

The Johns like the little girls
and it reminds her of the day,
When her room was filled with silent screams 
and her innocence was swept away.

In the alley where she falls each night, 
a patrolman on the beat,
Finds her in a corner dead, 
needles piled up at her feet,

A sentimental lover, 
a wisp of days gone by,
But abuse found another way to silently scream tonight.
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Lilli says:
10 Jan, 2013 02:04 AM

Amazingly thought out and detailed.

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