sick and tired

DC Martin

11 Mar, 2012 08:21 AM
this mind of mine is knowing, 
of all I comprehend,
and inside the construct doubting
is the thought of you again

this heart is beating, showing
what it's made of plain and pure
but the beat is finally slowing
and without you there is no cure.

sick of never knowing,
if He will ever heal these wounds
tired of over flowing
with these memories of you

a dream I dreamt of dreaming
is a dream that won't come true
and in that dream I scream and scream
for one more chance with you.

withered down and dying
one day that will be you and me
and if we've chosen not to choose
I fear for what those choices just might be.

Your mind inside is knowing,
knows all you comprehend
and inside your construct, doubting
is the thought of me again.

but your heart is beating showing
what it's made of, plain and pure
and the beat is finally slowing,
for without me, there is no cure.
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