21 Apr, 2010 01:38 AM
Jenny was a sick little girl
She had heart problems.
So she lived in the hospital
And her mother was always sobbing
But jenny was so happy.
Thinking about her daddy...
The thought of his smile
And knowing she was his child
She haven?t seen him in a while
But the thought of him
Made her proud
She ask her mommy where is daddy
I want to see him now
Her mom said in tears
He live to far
She said mommy grab your keys
Let?s go to the car
She smiled at her mother
And ask why you cry
You miss daddy too
Well let?s just drive
Her mom said to her
With tears in her eye
Not just yet
And gave her pale cheek a peck
Jenny said daddy loves me
He told me in my dreams
He holds me when I?m sleep 
And show me pretty things
He told me before he left
If I want to see him just close my eyes
He?s never too far, 
He?s always close by
When I?m scared
He?s right by my side
He?s near that star
That twinkles in the sky
He said when I come see him
He will open my present
Until that day come
He?ll be waiting in heaven 
And on that second
Jenny heart collapsed
On her face was smile
And little jenny just died.
Tags: Family, Death
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olivia says:
27 Oct, 2011 08:13 AM

omg plz rite another i loved this i wanted to just burst out in tears

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deepak singh says:
13 Nov, 2011 12:05 PM

so sweet story, it touch my heart..

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