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Surviving Love...


30 Jan, 2013 04:34 AM

I was running through the dark streets, barely seeing where I was going. The cold air was practically choking me while I breathed. I knew that I might not be on time but I also knew that if I didn’t try and get there, that I would be haunted of the memory forever. The man I loved needed me. I had received a call that he was going into cardiac arrest and this might be the last day his heart beats. At first I thought they were joking—but when they put Damen on the phone I knew that they were right. I barely recognized his voice, as if he had drunk too much Cough Syrup. I was about to ask him if he was okay when suddenly he screamed dropping the phone. No one bothered to pick it up, so I could hear their voices in the background, shouting orders.... [Read More]

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The secret.


17 Jan, 2013 10:33 PM

I can’t handle it anymore! I whispered desperately out into the darkness of my room, and threw away my phone. I had been through so much during the last days, this was the last straw! I felt like I had been raped… I had tried to commit suicide earlier in the week, but I had called a friend that talked me from it, but now, that wasn’t enough anymore… Nothing could save me now… Nothing. I went over to the cabinet where I kept my clothes and pulled out a hidden drawer, despite being half blinded by tears I could still see what I was looking for, it was gleaming in the weak light in my room. I picked it up and tried to see my reflection in it… My pride, my blood stained pride. A big Sami knife was resting in my hands, its blade covered in dried blood.... [Read More]

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My Gaurdian

Alex Martinez

17 Dec, 2012 03:27 AM

I met Alex when I was five. He was four years older than me. We were such good friends, time I got, I would be with him. He was someone that I loved more than a brother if it were possible. He was my Guardian until the end. He lived in Mexico. Now I'm thirteen, and still remember him. It was only a year ago though, and I won't ever forgive myself for doing what I did to him. In the plaza where he lived were these really bad guys who screwed over any girl they could fool. One day me and Alex were just walking around when we ran into them, they have always messed with me because they thought I was a "jewel to win" because I was from the U.S and I looked different and I spoke differently. So they came over to me and just started... [Read More]

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A Masked Story

Ornob Repon

12 Dec, 2012 03:47 PM

A 13 year old girl leading a normal life in a middle school where everyone was fake. No one cared about the good things in your life...just the bad. I met you there. You were with her when I met you. I thought of you as any other guy in the school. My best friend and I hung out with your girlfriend but you and I never talked. The first time we said hi to each other was just like anything else I've ever done. I didn't give it much thought. It was your last year...and we had only been talking for a couple months. I never imagined myself falling for you. We became best friends...We talked about anything and everything. Remember the nicknames? Monkey and Skittles...yeah, I remember. I remember the pain in your eyes when she broke up with you. I remember how bad I felt to see... [Read More]

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Found and Lost


08 Dec, 2012 06:26 PM

Well how is it that some people get lucky in their love and life ? I always had this question which could never be answered by many of them, some tried answering but I was never satisfied with it. How do I start the story? well I came across a girl name PIYA who was born and brought up as a boarder from her nursery days till she was done with her schooling, a girl who is quit a tom boy cause she was grown up with guys around her, a kid who always took a car over a doll, joyful kid you could say. As a kid PIYA always missed her mom and always wanted to live with her, Piya always wanted to live like any other family did but Piya said her life had planned something else for her, she has a brother who is 10 years younger... [Read More]

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05 Dec, 2012 10:26 AM

"--so perfect! The kiss accompanied by the fireworks, it was so beautiful and--" "I know, now can you please shut up? Someone's trying to study here," "Fine. I'm going out, do you need anything?" "No," Anne sighed as soon as her roommate left their room. Then suddenly, she broke, tears were streaming down her face and she couldn't stop them. "Why? Why?" She was there that night. She was there when they sealed their fates with a kiss. Normally, she wouldn't believe superstitious such as 'the person you shared a kiss with during THAT night will be the person you'll spend eternity with' but that happened to her parents and her other relatives. It was childish to say 'she was supposed to be the one holding hands with Zeke, she should have been the one who shared that kiss with Zeke' she should have been Zeke's best friend, scratch that,... [Read More]

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Make it stop


03 Nov, 2012 09:51 AM

I am no stranger to pain. It's an endless struggle, like walking on an endless path with no known destination. I used to be optimistic. I used to always love myself and all of the people important to me. But... 5 years ago a great evil ruined my life. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder. It doesn't matter how optimistic I want to be or how much I want to just enjoy my day and be with my friends or family. Depression, caused by a chemical imbalance took hold of me. It all started on my 18th birthday. My mother set up a party at a Japanese hibachi grill: my favorite restaurant. Not only that, but I was surprised by five of my best friends! They were there waiting for me! I was having the best time of my life! And then I was sad. I don't know why... [Read More]

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I didnt know I loved you


03 Nov, 2012 01:48 AM

Before I start I want to say this story is not real I made this up. When I'm older I want to be an author so could you comment if it was good or bad. Thank You The alarm clock beeped as Jenny woke up. It was 8:oo, she was late. When she got to school her friend (Lola) asked why she took so long to get dressed but Jenny didn't listen. Josh walked up to the door and entered his brown waves falling in one direction over his forehead. Lola nudged her doing an imitation of me, Jenny laughed. Maybe a little to loud because he looked over in her direction and waved. This shocked Jenny. She walked over to his seat and said: Hi josh said: Hey? His friend nodded at him Josh nodded back Josh: Wanna go out some time? Jenny: Yeah sure text me the details... [Read More]

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My story about love


25 Oct, 2012 10:35 AM

Sorry it doesn't have good grammar, or whatever. If you wanted to just stay friends. Then why the f**k would you carry on acting like we were together. Don’t you see that it’s hard enough. Dealing with the pain of not having you beside me. So make it easier for me. Don’t let me hang on to you with a thin rope. I’m so confused.I just need one shot to settle down and I chose you Love Just give a chance to love This is my story to you. Moving on is just too hard for me.I say it’s over but you cant read my mind. You don't know what I've been thinking, no one does. I'm a head full of mysteries that are lost within, deep within.  To you it might be only a game, a harsh game at that But deep inside it’s tearing me up slowly, painfully.  This is me telling you what... [Read More]

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He broke me.... :'(


02 Oct, 2012 02:34 PM

So there was this new kid that moved here. He was kinda a bad kid. but once you got to know him. He was pretty cool. I thought I'd never have a chance with him.. then the summer after he moved here we were hanging out and he told me he liked me. We grew closer as time went by and he asked me out. of course I said yes, I had fallen in love with him the minute he moved here.... He has had a hard home life and one night we were laying there and he was telling me about his family and stuff that has happened and he started crying... It made me feel good that he could talk to me about these things. Because he couldn't talk to anyone else about them.. His dad was kind of abusive and his mom never really listened. I was... [Read More]

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