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I didnt know I loved you


03 Nov, 2012 01:48 AM

Before I start I want to say this story is not real I made this up. When I'm older I want to be an author so could you comment if it was good or bad. Thank You

The alarm clock beeped as Jenny woke up. It was 8:oo, she was late. When she got to school her friend (Lola) asked why she took so long to get dressed but Jenny didn't listen. Josh walked up to the door and entered his brown waves falling in one direction over his forehead. Lola nudged her doing an imitation of me, Jenny laughed. Maybe a little to loud because he looked over in her direction and waved. This shocked Jenny. She walked over to his seat and said: Hi
josh said: Hey?
His friend nodded at him Josh nodded back
Josh: Wanna go out some time?
Jenny: Yeah sure text me the details kay?

Their date went well they talked and they laughed. At the end of the date Josh leaned in and tenderly kissed her. Imediatly she called Lola
Lola: So how did it go
Jenny: Amazing he's such a gentleman I think I'm in love
Lola: Ok no need to brag
Jenny: Oh sorry...
Lola: Ok I need to go bye
Jenny: kk bye
The next day at school Josh ignored her. This happened day after day after day. Until she couldn't take it. She walked up to him and said: What the hell is your problem huh? Ignoring me for 4 days! Who do you think you are.
Josh: Oh Jenny Jen, look I didn't ever like you I was dared to as someone out and you were an easy catch.
Jenny: You son of a bitch! Rot in hell.
She pushed him out of the schools main door until they were outside in the chill morning.
Josh: I'm sorry. I was gonna tell you sooner.But...
Jenny: Go away. Stay away from me until you figure out when you're ready to say the truth!
Josh: Jenny listen
Jenny: No I'm tired of your games OK? now GO AWAY! Josh turned an walked down the street away from Jenny.
Tears rolled down his face.

When Jenny got home her parents noticed she was upset and cooked her favorite food pasta. Then they went to there daughters room. They stayed there talking for 30 minutes.
Jenny's mum: Do you smell burning?
Jenny: Yes. What is it?
Jenny's dad: Don't know. Lets check.
Suddenly the fire alarm went of and a wave of heat flushed over them. Jenni's mum went to phone the fire department. Jenny went to the kitchen to see the damage. Jenny's dad went to ask the neighbors for help. When Jenny got to the kitchen it was filled in scarlet flames whipping at her. She filled jugs with water and tried to stop it all. Water splashed on the floor and the counter but the fire went on. In a flash she slipped and fell hitting her head on a cupboard. Then the world went black.

Lola shook all over tears filling her eyes. She wondered why she wasn't there. Jenny said she should come over but Lola said no and was now regretting it. Walking into school that day was misereble. Everyone looked sad. When Josh walked in Lola shoved him hard
Lola: Well I hope you're happy with yourself you coward.
Josh: What do you mean? Why is everyone so upset?
Lola: You haven't heard?
Josh: Heard what?!
Lola: Jenny died last night. In a fire. She hit her head in the kitchen and lying unconscious got burnt. Her mum died that night to. God only knows how her dad was alive.
Josh: Oh my god...I'm so sorry.
He felt so bad. Guilty. He went into the loos looked in the mirror at his reflection. Something inside him hurt a pain like a thousand knife. He didn't know it yet but it was his heart breaking. 2 days later, after the funeral he found out why he felt sick, why he was hurting. He was in love but didn't realize. If only he had known before she died. He whispered I love you to the sky every night. Sometimes he would say. ' I never should have let you go. I never knew I loved you till you died. But know I know and miss you with all my heart. I wish you were here.' Then he fell asleep. In the middle of the night he woke up thinking of Jenny and promised from then one to never love anyone more than he had loved her.

Tags: Lost, Love, Unloved, Death, Sad
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Flint Louise Benday says:
29 Jan, 2013 06:42 AM

This is a beautiful story! I loved it, but I thought that Jenny and Josh's relationship was a little too short. Other than that, it's great! :D Keep up the good work!

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jj pro sad says:
30 Jan, 2013 05:32 AM

That was amazing Android sad. But their relationship was too short. You did awesome job but you should work a little harder in order to be a good author

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Lilith says:
30 Jan, 2013 03:31 PM

Very nice,i can easily see this as a longer story maybe even a book.You should go for it.

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dove says:
30 Jan, 2013 09:22 PM

it was a touchy story!!!loved it!!!!

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hafsa says:
08 Feb, 2013 05:37 PM

it was very gud but it should have been a little more dramatic ...... love your creativity

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