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Broken Hearted

Alaina Lester

09 Aug, 2012 09:51 PM

I met you on Halloween night. We had never talked before, but at that moment we talked forever. While walking down the hallways you would grab me and give me a hug, in the library you would tease me about being a nerd. A week had passed and you had asked me out and I said yes and my feelings kept growing and growing. No matter how I felt, you would help me. A month together and it felt like forever. You would hold my hand and be proud to call me your girl. We spent everyday of those first two months together, then we broke up. We stayed friends and talked forever and ever on the phone. You had gotten a new girl and it broke my heart. We stopped talking because of her. I got a new guy to see if the pain would fade. It never did.... [Read More]

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Why is love so hard?


19 Jul, 2012 06:05 PM

He had promised never to break up with me. He had said he loved me more than anything. Both are lies. I loved him a lot. And still do in a way. But my heart is more dead than alive. Here's how he broke me: He asked me out in the middle of 6th grade over the phone. I said yes. He told me he loved me, he cared about me, etc. etc. And I loved him too. But I had forgotten that many other girls in my grade liked him a lot. He would talk to all of them more than me, and being the shy girl, I never asked much of him. But it DID seem like he really did love me. He was sometimes even more emotional in that "lovey" kind of way than me. He was my first boyfriend, and he broke my heart 11 times.... [Read More]

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Teenager's horrible life


21 Oct, 2012 04:17 PM

There was a family with two kids. A girl of 14 and a boy of 9. He hated her sister for ignoring him. But inside he was loving her. He was ready to do anything for her. Every time he was going to see her in her room, she always had a bad comment to tell him. He was sad that her sister wouldn't let him enter in his room and play with him. Sometimes he wished only he could sat on her bed and watch her in her room. He wouldn't do anything bad to come back an other time... But it never happened. The girl had her owns reasons. She was bullied at school and her dad was abusing her. She felt terrible inside. She wanted to protect her little brother from all what she called "the horrible world of adults". She was having dark ideas. Letters were... [Read More]

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My Story


14 May, 2012 08:52 AM

This is the story of an 18 year old man (I use the term man because in light of the circumstances you could hardly attribute these feelings to a boy) who has dug himself into a situation in which it does not matter where he goes or what he decides to do, he will be forever haunted by the fact that he messed up possibly the only thing he ever wanted before he was even aware that he wanted it. That man, as I'm sure you are aware is me. Sadly, I cannot release names. The situation is far too delicate to do so. My story is a story of love. It is a story of feeling and passion that will leave many saddened, some strengthened, and many others baffles by its sheer emotion. My story may not be long, but please read it. It would help me greatly. My... [Read More]

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Fall From Grace

Keiichi Maebara

24 Sep, 2012 06:42 AM

Early in 2011, I felt as if my life was in a rut. I woke up, showered, went to school, came home, homework, and went to sleep. I never did anything different. Until Samantha came into my life. She was everything I wanted in a girl. She was absolutely perfect. Whenever I saw her, my entire day lit up as she ran into my arms. She was my true first love, first kiss, my everything. It was amazing being with her. I cared for her with everything I had. I was in love with her. But then, when school was ending, and summer was young, I couldn't go to school and see her. She told me, she was getting lonely. I sent her a message. A very, very, sappy lovey-dovey message that I never really wanted to send. I was just caring about her so she wouldn't feel bad anymore.... [Read More]

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The People Who Know


30 Dec, 2011 06:55 PM

I grew up with friends that you would always remember. The good ones who would always be there for you. But I can never forget how they were always broken somehow. One of my friends was Jordan. Her father worked extremely late hours, her mom drank every night and smoked every day. Her older sister had every tattoo and piercing possible, her brother made her feel like an idiot and she had to care for her younger sister who was a toddler. Then of course her dad got repositioned and moved to another state. I think I was her only friend to, that person who would always listen no matter how crazy. Then there was Courtny and Samantha. They lived in a 3 bedroom house with 4 older brothers and dad. I'm not sure about their mother though sometimes it sounded like a divorce other times an accident. Their dad... [Read More]

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When Sadness Reaches Critical


07 Dec, 2011 04:28 PM

We started talking when he moved to our school. He was so sweet to her, they texted for hours and hours, everything was going good. She had told her friends about their love for each other, about how great everything was going. One day he came up to her. "Okay, I really like this girl, and I can't stop thinking about her," the girls heart started to pound and her palms started to sweat. All she could think was, 'this is me.' "Go on," she said, her cheeks hot. "And well, I want to be her boyfriend," he smiled. "And?" "She's so beautiful. I really like her.." "Who is it?!" "Renee, could you give me her number?" "Oh. Um, sure. I'll text it to you later." The girl ran to the bathroom and started to cry. Renee, her best friend had stolen him away. How could this happen. She stared... [Read More]

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My love


08 Nov, 2011 05:34 AM

Sorry if this is too long. I came from quite a rich family. But as they say money does not buy happiness. I knew very little happiness since I was young. My family had several people working under us both in my house as well as in our workplace. My mother was a very wonderful person but very weak. She did not dare do anything against my father. My father had open affairs with other women; even bringing them home in front of mother. But my mother does not say anything. She was dying inside but she laughed outside for me. Everyone knew what happens in our house but no one questions my father. Eric was the son of one of the employees. I knew him since I was 5 and he was 7. Eric's father worked around the house and Eric was around a lot. There were not a... [Read More]

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Lost Connection


25 Sep, 2011 08:26 PM

I went to my friends cabin, twice. The first time, they started teasing me about him. We never even talked, just once in a little bit our eyes met. She teased me at a competition in front of the guy who loved me, he wasn't just in love with me he was going to ask me out, i didn't like him, not one bit. She saved me and said her cousin was my boyfriend, there wre 2 benefits out of it, she got to tease me and the boy who liked me wouldn't ask me out. The second time I went to her cabin, everything came true, He teased me, stared at me, and hung around me a lot. And i did the same thing to him, we were probably in love and neither of us knew it. The last day we had to leave it was sad, i had... [Read More]

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first love


20 Sep, 2011 12:27 AM

my story starts when i was 18. i was a month away from finishing high school,when i met waqas. he was a Muslim, 23 divorced and a dad to a beautiful little girl. i was catholic school girl. i met him when i was visiting a friend of mine at her house and he was her brothers friend visiting at the same time. i liked him immediately. he was funny,smart,sexy and had a great personality. i didn't mind he was a muslim as my friend was too so i was knew all their customs and traditions. i was so shy around him the first time we met that i barely spoke two words to him. that night i got home and noticed he had sent me a friends request on facebook. mt heat skipped a beat i was so happy. we soon got talking and it just went on from... [Read More]

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