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You said you will never let go


09 Apr, 2010 11:22 AM

we started as friends,then lovers,you made me feel so complete,you made my dreams come true,when I was afraid Ill run to you,and you will hold me in your arms as u promised me you will never let go...... For the past two years its been crazy Maquel.We where always on and off,work always got in the way,you toured the world with your band,and I always stayed at home waiting for you. I remembered when you came back from tour,I always waited for you on the front lawn,seeing you smile just brought happiness into my life,it was worth the wait for 5 months. But their where times when the rock and roll life got in the way,fame ,girls,drugs,and fights between me and you.You where amazed that I held onto you through those hard times,I think you forgot that I said I will always be there. Then one night you left with... [Read More]

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never forgottan


08 Apr, 2010 02:50 PM

one night out with a couple friends we met up with a couple of guys one of them i didnt know. by the end of the night/morning we got to know each other really well. every day after we met we would talk for hours hangout everyday for weeks. thats when we started dating. 7 months we were together we shared everything together, one morning after spending the night together he whispered i love you in my ear and i knew i loved him too what we had was incredible we were the couple everyone talked about we saw each other every day for as long as we could. than he got into trouble with the cops and had a warrant out for his arrest he came and saw me at my house on oct 29 and told me he loved me and that he wanted to spend Halloween together... [Read More]

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01 Apr, 2010 06:29 AM

Every night, it's always the same dream. It probably wouldn't frighten anyone else. It's not really scary. There's no blood and gore. It always features the same man, around twenty, dressed in black. Just your normal guy. When he speaks, it's like your own personal hell has begun. But the worst part is that the dream is impossible to remember. The only thing I'm able to remember is his smile, a disturbing smile that chills be to the bone. And always, at the end of the dream, he will say, "Remember nothing". Then, the dream will shatter, and I will be left with nothing, because no one could possibly understand the horror of this dream. And always, just like he intended, I won't be able to remember anything.The dream is killing me. I'm afraid to go to sleep at night, fearing the return of the man. I won't eat or... [Read More]

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one more chance please (kinda long)


31 Mar, 2010 07:13 AM

One day I walk across the hall in my school and I was really happy but turned out that my day got ruin, just because everyone started to tease me and my boyfriend just because they never had a relationship but I got over with that day and I found out that there was another couple in my grade. That were the 2 only couples in my grade (unbelievable). Later we have a 4 night school trip and I was surprise that he came up to me during the school trip and told me that I have change his life into a better place and I smiled. During that day the teachers found out about the two relationship, soon after dinner they divide the girls and boys into this separate room. Both girls and boys had to talk about the two relationship. It was the worst night because they told... [Read More]

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Best Friends(kind of long)

Brenna Marie

08 Mar, 2010 07:09 PM

We had been friends since we were young, and I never forgot that day that I met him. We where 5 and we were both looking for frogs. I was young but I liked him. Almost everyday we went to look for frogs. Until one day he didn't come. I went two days later he didn't come that day either. Years pass, and it was the first day of High School, we do roll call and I hear a name that sounds so familiar, then I here that person calling out, "here". He is right behind me, I turn around, and there is that boy from when we are young. He sees me too and his eyes get wide and we just stare and smile at each other for hours it seems. A few weeks later we go out, and weeks together turns into months, and months turns into years... [Read More]

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Once loved not now


04 Mar, 2010 08:35 PM

It was a rainy day in September me and my girl friend went to a movie, we sat all through the movie holding hands. We felt the same way about each other, 3 years passed now in my senior year in high school. I thought me and my girl friend were going to live our life together forever..... one day I received a text message saying " my love for you has failed my apologies, but we have to go our separate ways. live your life without me and be happy......" that nearly killed me. Years passed after sharing a long life as a friend with my ex- she died. my friend was now gone the only girl I ever love and the first and still the last. a journal was read at her funeral it was from high school saying " i loved him and still do i broke... [Read More]

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31 Jan, 2010 10:08 AM

i meet him in 10th grade, his was in my 5th and 8th hour. we started to talk and we became friends and within a week i was talking to him 24/7. he would call me ever night at 10:00 and we would talk till 12:00am even if we had school in the morning. him would ride his bike 3 miles to my house every other day. it took me 1 week the fall in love with his. and everyone asked if we were going out but him so no he told me that it was making him mad but then he did care anymore and thats when i new that he started to love me. We were talking more and more everyday. we talked about are pasted, what we plan to do in the future. everything was great we were so close and it seemed it we were already... [Read More]

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6 years of love breaks up

Jack spicer

21 Dec, 2009 01:34 PM

We been 2gether from last six year it was way back in 19th jan, 2003.where I proposed her and then at evening I got replay for the same. I used 2watch at her every time, but I was not so good-looking that's why I was bit surprise for what she said, since then we being 2gether,she visited my home when we were in 13th she meet my family as she is the daughter in law of family. We were happy 2gether I used 2 meet her every day, or we r on phone 24/7 she was working in motor company in insurance dept, we done all thing which husband n wife do in their life, I even visited her native place with her, but on 2day before her birthday she visited a picnic with an office staff of other dept of which I come 2know the next day from another... [Read More]

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The ticket that changed it all


10 Dec, 2009 05:45 PM

Delilah was everything a guy wanted, she was pretty, funny, smart. All Delilah wanted was someone to love her. She found this guy online. His name was Tim. Their lives were both bad but they had eachother. Over time they came to know eachother much more their love grew more than anyone would have thought. 5 years later Delilah earned enough money to get a flight to where the boy lived. He was at Virginia Beach, and she was in Canada. She bought a plane ticket and they arranged to meet that very same day. Tim drove to the airport right when they arranged to meet and the exact place.... as he waited he read on the airport t.v "A devistating crash of the plane from Toronto Canada to Virginia Beach has just been reported" He broke down in tears knowing that was her flight. He went home.... got a... [Read More]

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11 Nov, 2009 03:15 PM

I am in love with a girl for like two years now. I met her when I was in high school. It was love at first sight. I simply couldn't take my eyes off her. But I hid my feelings for her, since she had a BF and they seemed madly in love. But I kept loving her from a distance and after some time I became one of her good friend. Later I found out that she knew that I was in love with her and always liked me but not just on the same level. But that's later to the story. After being friends with her, we used to hang out some times. Each time I passed with her made me very happy. After few months I found out that she and her boyfriend are fighting constantly. She used to cry a lot for this. I always stayed... [Read More]

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