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My story about love


25 Oct, 2012 10:35 AM

Sorry it doesn't have good grammar, or whatever. If you wanted to just stay friends. Then why the f**k would you carry on acting like we were together. Don’t you see that it’s hard enough. Dealing with the pain of not having you beside me. So make it easier for me. Don’t let me hang on to you with a thin rope. I’m so confused.I just need one shot to settle down and I chose you

Just give a chance to love
This is my story to you. Moving on is just too hard for me.I say it’s over but you cant read my mind. You don't know what I've been thinking, no one does. I'm a head full of mysteries that are lost within, deep within. 

To you it might be only a game, a harsh game at that But deep inside it’s tearing me up slowly, painfully. 
This is me telling you what I think. You can be angel but might Also a devil. I got to admit that You took my breath away when I first saw you. Like a leap into freezing cold water. And then began something I didn't expect. I don’t want anyone else only for you too just wrap your arms around me one last time. I've finally been able to tell you everything,I know I'm not what you want nor expected but you're all I need you're all I want. 

You gave me hope you gave me light you showed me the way. You think it’s funny, that I decide to tell you now. Be in my shoes. You'll never make it, you can't handle what goes on up there. But now we're history. I know history can't be re written it'll stay the same. 
So don't hold grudges, they aren't worth holding on. So be free, start fresh. And thus we have a ending to my story. Now I'll be locked away for a while don't give up on me I'll be back shortly. 

Here Is another Story thing
Why do people fight over something that they can't control? It's a waste of time and energy. Fighting ruins relationships like drugs ruins someone's life. 

It's the urge to do something but can't because your not there or not your style.  Being Jealous can ruin the most precious thing in your life in seconds or it can slowly melt away like an ice cube on a cold winter day. Not being there. This is probably what gets me the most. Not being there for the person I'm with. It ruins things for me because I'm either too busy. Or too far away. Have you ever wanted to be somewhere but cant reach it? I have multiple times it just doesn't work.  Ruins everything, ruins my life. What can be done? Nothing, because it's over between you and her. All you can do is hope for the best.  But prepare yourself for the worst. 

What is love? I reckon true love is when you can be with someone but not always think about having sex with them.  That there, is true love in my opinion. Well that's not the only thing but it's a factor. If you only think about sex. Then your relationship is ruined from the moment it started.  Relationships aren't all about physical contact.  You also need mental contact as well. I you know you partner well you know what they are thinking. Then you can just do it.  Like at a restaurant you know what they want.  Or the little things like if you're getting a drink you can pour them one as well it's the little things that really count.  Well I think they do.  That's what true love is.  

How to get over it?
Some people say getting drunk helps them forget someone. Some hook up with others and some just deal with the fact they weren't good enough. But myself personally, I take it real hard.  I don't go out I don't hook up with others I take the challenge head on.  Yeah I cry at night I punch things I regret what I've done. But we all end up in the same place cold and alone, and single once again. But I end up Crying so hard, crying in the pouring rain watching her slowly disappearing out of my life. freezing cold.  Tears turning into ice crystals dripping down my face.

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Chern says:
24 Jan, 2013 05:18 PM

True sad story :(

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Lilith says:
28 Jan, 2013 04:09 PM

So goddamn true

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