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Christmas Eve

Tiffany Winters

03 Sep, 2016 02:59 AM

It was my senior year of high school, and it was also Friday, the last day before winter break begun and the whole school was staring down the clock. There was 10 minutes before the bell rung for the end of the day. "Tiffany, you better come to my party!" said Kim, a friend I made four years prior. "Who wouldn't?" "(laughs) Yeah that's what you say every time. Like I get it, Will was a jerk but you've gotta start reviving your social life!" I was pretty popular last year and dated a senior till he left for college. We tried to keep a long distance relationship, but they never really work out do they? Turns out he's been cheating on me the whole time he was gone and didn't show one hint of remorse, but that's another story I'd rather not get into. I was heartbroken, Will was... [Read More]

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A Letter To A Friend


06 Jul, 2014 09:56 PM

Dear friend, Remember that time when we first met? I was nothing in your eyes and you were nothing in mine. We were strangers back then; shy to take the first move, yet somehow we managed to break that wall. I started chatting to you, made a joke and you burst out laughing. We became friends. We built on our relationship by joking around and testing our trust. We moved unto secondary high school and our bond became stronger with every day. You see, I was the one you kept to when the times were hard. I would joke around and you would laugh away. I was the only best friend you had back then and I would be there for you at every demand, every day of my life. When I was off ill, you would cry because no other friend could make your day. It was all quite... [Read More]

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A way with dreams


14 Dec, 2012 07:59 PM

First of all this isn't going to be the best, but I will try my best to explain everything and all the details. This may not be a very sad story but too me it's my story. Okay, so my life has always been good, at least to me it was. I had an amazing dad who I loved me more than anything else in the entire world. He meant everything to me, he was my best friend! Everyday I would sit on his lap and we would always watch TV, Sanford and son, blazing saddles and more, but loved watching them with him. I was a huge daddy’s girl like most girls, I was his little girl and I always was. We had money, we weren't rich or anything but everyday we would go out and eat. He was a firemen, been there for over 17 years and... [Read More]

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09 Aug, 2012 05:25 AM

My story starts online in March. No it is not the smartest way to meet someone but I didn't mean for it to happen. I met him and from the start we were both hooked. He lived across the country from me. But he moved to the state I was in. I only saw him once in the four months that he was there due to the fact that his multiple jobs were so demanding. The beginning of July he moved back because his cancer was back and his doctors were back home. I started to plan to move to be with him because of how in love we were and we were planning to spend our lives together. Well we decided that I should fly over for a week and look at apartments, jobs, etc. I left in the middle of July on a Saturday. I got there Saturday... [Read More]

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Left with a broken heart...

Just a stupid girl.

05 Jun, 2010 05:24 PM

I was a freshman in high school, i was so overwhelmed with everything changing. I was in our school musical. I still didn't really find myself. But there was this guy and he was being so nice to me. I know he was just being nice and wanted to be a friend. But i was falling head over hills for this guy. All during the rest of the year we stayed friends. I didn't tell him my feelings. I was scared he was just gonna put me down and we would lose our friendship. but one night i finally told him, he said he was honored, but i just want to be friends. And also he was in love with a girl that had just moved away, so i knew i couldn't push it. One night at one of my guy friends birthday party. The guy i was completly in... [Read More]

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