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Who Would Have Known


12 Dec, 2012 01:08 AM

Who would have known that kids would have so many regrets when they grew up. Who would have known the pain you feel in your heart when its to late. Who would have known that you cared if though it didn't seem like it at times. Who would have known that you wouldn't live forever like I thought you would when I was a kid. Who would have known that my hero would get sick. Who would have known that I could talk to you when at times it felt like I couldn't. Who would have known that we would get so close. Who would have known that even though we are close I want more time to spend with you. Who would have known that I wanted you by my side every step of the way. Who would have known that you were proud of me. Who would have... [Read More]

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Am I enough?


25 Oct, 2011 08:51 PM

The story starts years ago, I was almost 3, my little sister Chloe Sophia was just born. My father has and still does drugs. Every drug imaginable. My father brought my mother into drugs and luckily she stopped. My father could never hold down a job and claimed things that were untrue, bu my mother thought she loved him so went along with it. He'd leave for weeks, even months at a time. He'd cheat on my mother, lie, and leave. She gained weight. She was 360 by the time i was born...she was a very beautiful woman. (SHE STILL IS!) She tried to fill the hole. When me and my sister were born she only wanted the best for us. I have always been my dads favorite. He hated Chloe, she was the cutest thing ever. I loved her like she was my little girl. I remember the divorce... [Read More]

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Dear Dad <3


13 Oct, 2011 07:24 PM

Dear Dad, I still remember that dark night. Your sister or my aunt was here to visit you. She came with your crippled step mom and her husband who loved you as a brother so much. They were laughing about stories until there was a screech of police cars outside. The Vibrant colors of red and blue filled the house through the windows. I was only about to be seven so my mom told me to hide in the room. I was really nosy i know, so i pressed my ear to the door. My hair got in my eyes but i had a feeling of what i was going to hear was going to be really important so i ignored it. I heard my mom footsteps go down the main hall and the click of the door opening. She screamed. I stood up but i thought of her getting... [Read More]

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car accident


27 Aug, 2011 12:38 AM

One day there was a girl named Abigail,she's already 16 and his best friend named Josh who's 17.They're best friends since they're just 11,they are always together,and they love each other so much.One day when they were in school the principal was running towards the classroom where Abigail and Josh were to be found,when she arrived she called Abigail,the principal was very nervous and was shaking,when Abigail came she looked curiously to her principal and asked " Good morning Mrs. Jane (the name of the principal)is there something wrong? " the principal looked down and said " I don't know how to say this Abigail,but we know that we cant stay forever in this world,and we need to leave our love ones and go to our place there above" Abigail looked at the principal,she smiled and said " Yes i know that Mrs Jane,but why are you saying this to... [Read More]

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Jordyn's daddy

15 Jul, 2011 11:10 AM

About 9 years ago, I had my son, Jordyn. Proud father at 18. No job, no education, no mother. Nothing. She left a year after he was born. I saved up for 5 years so I could put myself through school and get a worth while job. One my son could be proud of. One my son could say to his friends and they wouldn't look at him like he had a third eye or something. I went to medical school and rode around in ambulances. Responding to car wrecks and such. Seeing some pretty sick stuff. My son couldn't say "My daddy's a doctor" but he could say "My daddy saves lives". He called me superdad and said I was the best hero in the world. He'd make up stories about how I could fly and saved people from falling rocks and other silly things like a child would.... [Read More]

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A Father


01 Sep, 2010 02:10 AM

A Father?s Message to DANILOVE On this day exactly two years ago, our angel Danielle Francesca came to this earth. For 34 days she brought nothing but joy to all of us. I have never seen any human being stronger than our dear baby. She taught me a lot of things. She taught me how to listen. She never spoke a word but yet I heard every thing she said. She taught me the virtue of Humility. To accept things as it is and never question God?s will. She taught me to count my blessings. To live and accept that life is not perfect and that we should be happy with what we have. As we go on you?ll see why. She taught me to live for others. During the 34 days of her confinement at the NICU, I witnessed babies come and go. I saw the pain from all... [Read More]

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