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Broken Dreams

Wilhuff Tarkin

20 Dec, 2017 08:27 AM

On the new Petition by Henry Walsh. I was one of the first 40 signatures, I advertised this petition on all social media I could from Facebook to Gab and YouTube to Twitter. Etc. I was surprised that while of course fans are divided on the Disney take of star wars, never did I think I would have my life threatened over the franchise. Henry Walsh also has been threatened, that people would hack his email, that they would attack him. I have been told I would suffer if I kept going through with this petition and kept posting it. In 1977 George Lucas strived to make a movie that nobody wanted to be a part of, it was difficult and he was told to change it and put all his money and time into it. He created history and made a huge change to cinema everywhere and the future... [Read More]

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Crushes stay crushes


26 Sep, 2016 10:38 PM

It was the first day of 8th grade, i had science for my first class. He walks in my heart starts beating real fast. As the da goes on i realize i had all my classes with him, i was damn happy. The days he talked to me i would be so happy and tell my friends, at first they cared then they got annoyed.. I pretended i like other people but, i loved him and only him. One day i went to my friends house, and she dared me to txt him and say i love you to him. I did and wen he replied he said sorry i like someone else. I said jk it was a dare but, i did truly love him. He took my number and we texted here and then. Somedays at school he would talk to me and i would be so happy... [Read More]

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My Broken Heart's Letter


21 Apr, 2013 03:08 AM

(This was the letter I wrote to my older brother the day after the love of my life broke up with me) Big brother, How are you doing? I am horrible. He broke up with me yesterday!! I feel lost, broken, and helpless. After 6 years he decided that after the end of his 9 months of house arrest he is moving back with his family in Europe, and he doesn’t want me to be a part of his new beginning, his new life. As he puts it he wants to start “fresh.” Yet he tells me he does still love me but that he HAS to do this. He said he isn’t ok with losing me forever, that he knows he is throwing something perfect away but he made up his mind! It tears me apart! I’ve never felt so deserted, so broken. I don’t know what to do.... [Read More]

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One-Sided Love is on the Cliff


10 Feb, 2013 05:27 AM

This story is about a teenage girl... To tell you the truth, it's about me. My story about my painful, brokenhearted, crushed love. People say I'm young and all but no matter what age, I believe we have the right to love someone. ___________________________________________________ It's been 3 years... 3 years of loving him. But in the middle of the 3 years, a knife stabbed my heart. He got a girlfriend... The thing is he knew I liked him, he never said anything. How am I suppose to know if I'm suppose to give up? When I heard he got a girlfriend, I didn't know what to do. I didn't feel anything, I was numb, too shocked to do anything. That night, I thought of killing myself, I knew it was stupid yet I still thought of it. I cried and cried, I kept thinking and thinking. He was happy and... [Read More]

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15 Jul, 2012 04:14 PM

THIS IS FROM MY FRIEND'S VIEWPOINT... name is Michelle, people call me Michie. But I'm not here to tell you about my name. I think crushes are stupid. I really do,love to me sounds like a painful threat. I never wanna get involved. Its just that I thought I found my prince charming, his name was Kim. He loved to skateboard, just like I did. He made me cry once but he also used to made me laugh, it was weird and stupid at the same time. I was getting paranoid about whether he liked me or not.. So,the next day I tried to talk to him.He's always teasing me,but we weren't exactly best friends.You see our parents and other families get together to just chillax and party you know and talk about the community. Our families have been doing that for like four years. So me and Kim... [Read More]

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04 Jan, 2012 01:21 PM

I wonder sometimes, why we have a heart only for it to get crushed and broken every time we open it. Why we still open up after having our hearts crushed. Why we allow ourselves to fall in love when we know nothing ever lasts. The thing is no one actually knows why. Me? I'm in love. with someone who doesn't even want to know. He gave up on me a long time ago. He was beautiful and my best mate until he kissed me and things got complicated. Before, i was already friends with his twin sister, and when they moved down my road i was happy that i had someone around my age to talk to when we had our street party. I hadn't really spoken to him before hand, just smiled when i saw him around school- he was a year older then me so i didn't... [Read More]

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second chance


28 Mar, 2010 08:04 PM

when you came back for a second chance. i was so happy, i thought you hated me and always will. you just don't know how happy i was that we both wanted to give it a try again.the thing that was getting in the way and my fear was loving each other again. but i knew i loved him and he told me he loved me. but then i started to get confused because everyday we would either walk home or text each other. we would constantly argue. i was always sad because you didnt know how much i cared about you and loved you oo so much. then one night we hung out at the park and i actually realized that he doesnt show how he feels about me and un wanted , i would have to move on. but throughout my freshmen year i started talking to you... [Read More]

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