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17 Sep, 2018 03:16 PM

It was during 8th grade year that I first saw her. She was beautiful, but I couldn't admit that I wanted her. I lied to myself, while yearning for her. I remember a friend telling me his friend liked her, my heart raced. I wonder why? Soon I became attached to her. I would often take glance at her secretly. Looking back at the clock just too take a glance at her. Faking a stretch just just take a glance at her. Soon I began to realize where this was going. It was weird because I had a dream that warned me to not fall in love with her. I didn't understand it. Maybe it was because I was still in love with my first love in 4th grade. Although I was in love with another girl I couldn't stop thinking about her. I eventually stopped myself though. Freshmen year... [Read More]

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One-Sided Love is on the Cliff


10 Feb, 2013 05:27 AM

This story is about a teenage girl... To tell you the truth, it's about me. My story about my painful, brokenhearted, crushed love. People say I'm young and all but no matter what age, I believe we have the right to love someone. ___________________________________________________ It's been 3 years... 3 years of loving him. But in the middle of the 3 years, a knife stabbed my heart. He got a girlfriend... The thing is he knew I liked him, he never said anything. How am I suppose to know if I'm suppose to give up? When I heard he got a girlfriend, I didn't know what to do. I didn't feel anything, I was numb, too shocked to do anything. That night, I thought of killing myself, I knew it was stupid yet I still thought of it. I cried and cried, I kept thinking and thinking. He was happy and... [Read More]

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One Sided Crush


23 Oct, 2010 07:29 PM

Although it's not as sad as other stories posted on this website, I just really want to put out my feelings, and let it go. The first time I met him was in journalism class. Even though I'm a freshman, I still can have classes with upperclassmen in electives such as this one. I haven't really thought of the upperclassmen, I felt that they were people I didn't really need to associate with because we were in different grades. But I talked to some of them, by connecting with golf, and some funny stories, until I talked to him. He's a great guy, smart, funny, someone I know is really mature. But I realized that he was 17/18, I was really sad, what kind of senior would go out with a freshman right? But I still talked to him, IMed him, and just plain enjoyed myself when I'm with him.... [Read More]

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