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Crushes stay crushes


26 Sep, 2016 10:38 PM

It was the first day of 8th grade, i had science for my first class. He walks in my heart starts beating real fast. As the da goes on i realize i had all my classes with him, i was damn happy. The days he talked to me i would be so happy and tell my friends, at first they cared then they got annoyed.. I pretended i like other people but, i loved him and only him.

One day i went to my friends house, and she dared me to txt him and say i love you to him. I did and wen he replied he said sorry i like someone else. I said jk it was a dare but, i did truly love him. He took my number and we texted here and then.

Somedays at school he would talk to me and i would be so happy .He was my motivation to go to school. I loved going to school. somedays he would say something mean to me and i would get so hurt i would feel like punching myself. But, i still loved him. Then we texted again and he said he liked someone else. He said it was another girl and he told me who it was and he asked her out.. Thankfully she said no.

It was the middle of the year he lost interest in me. He thought i was annoying and weird. But we still would stare in IRLA (language arts) class. That would make me smile but, again i would realize i would never get him.

It was the end of the year my classmates found to i like him. I would keep denying it but they all still knew and it was so awkward. I had like him for eight months. Then suddenly i stopped liking him. i gave up. My friends got annoyed of me etc. i hated school.

Until a new kid came he came from India.He was hot and nice, and sweet. I rly liked him but he liked another girl. We just stayed as friends until he lost his hope on his crush.

It was the last day of school and he said he was moving i was sad and started crying on the bus, that i would never see him again in my whole entire life.(i found out he's dumb and weird now tho).

then wen i went on a trip in my summer vacation to india I met a boy name Veeresh we never talked.Everyday wen i went to my uncles clothing storee i would see him. he worked in the store in front of my uncles store. I wanted to see him everyday.i knew he liked me but, he wouldn't say it because too him i was someone big who came from a foreign country and him being a poorish person thought he couldn't get me

I told my friend who worked for m uncle that i liked him. We planned everything out and called him. Half my summer was already over. I would always think how it would be without seeing him everyday. My time in India was ending and we talk and became friends. And the last day there i remember leaving my friends, family, life there. I anted to stay but had no choice.

Today, it has been 24 days i came back to America. Im in 9th grade now. Haven't gotten anyone. I still remember him. Now i like another boy idk maybe he's gonna stay a crush. i don't care, hope, or believe anymore. The boy i like for 8 months is still in my high school i see him everyday but don't think anything. My second crush move to the other high school that my high school has competition with( i literally found that out today) and my crush from india is still in my heart but, ik he can't in my life. The boy i like now i liked i had a chance but he only that i was hot and wanted to use me. now i like someone else. There r many boys who have a crush on me but i need someone special..

In another life I will be special to someone....
They said they were gonna come not my life they never said he was going to be mine.

Crushes will stay crushes.....

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