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Broken Dreams

Wilhuff Tarkin

20 Dec, 2017 08:27 AM

On the new Petition by Henry Walsh. I was one of the first 40 signatures, I advertised this petition on all social media I could from Facebook to Gab and YouTube to Twitter. Etc. I was surprised that while of course fans are divided on the Disney take of star wars, never did I think I would have my life threatened over the franchise. Henry Walsh also has been threatened, that people would hack his email, that they would attack him. I have been told I would suffer if I kept going through with this petition and kept posting it. In 1977 George Lucas strived to make a movie that nobody wanted to be a part of, it was difficult and he was told to change it and put all his money and time into it. He created history and made a huge change to cinema everywhere and the future... [Read More]

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I Remember

Diana Kotyuha

24 Jun, 2013 05:27 AM

I remember the day I first met you. I remember the first word you said to me. I remember it all, but I bet you don’t remember. I remember the conversation we once had about doughnuts. I even remember the first time you said I love you. But I also remember how we fell apart. We had been together almost 5 months. It was the first day of school but it was also the day my heart died. I woke up feeling happy making sure to send you a good morning text and to remind you how much I love and care for you. Getting on the bus to find a seat was ok. I got to the school slowly feeling the dread of last year’s demons coming back. Me getting called fat and ugly while wishing and hoping for someone to hold me to help me fight my demons... [Read More]

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Lonely and Emotionless


28 Dec, 2012 01:21 PM

The boy was known to date many girls. The girl was pursued by many boys only to reject them. He was afraid of being lonely, and she was afraid of feeling emotion. Initially, they were not the most compatible match. They were friends who secretly disliked each other, but that soon changed when he didn't show up to school for quite a while. She realized his foolish jokes were the reason she laughed, and he realized that ugly face was sweet and caring. When he came back they engaged in conversation, finally warming up to each other. But the next day, they completely ignored one another. He was confused if she liked him or not, and she was nervous. The following day, the girl mastered up all of her courage and hugged him. "It's your welcome back hug," she muffled into his jacket. Only two days later did the shy... [Read More]

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Realistic fantasy

Perlitha Azucena Torres Martin

16 Dec, 2012 05:11 AM

A life that seems to only be a dream. Life, family, friends, everything so distant as if it was never there. Pretending to be happy, to be sad, to be angry, What are real emotions? How will I know when it's real? Is everything real at all? I don't know anymore, there's nothing to know in the first place. Everyone is laughing, joking, crying, and I'm there with them, but without feeling a thing, it doesn't seem real, at least not to me, they don't know what is in my head or they just ignore it, who would care anyway it's not like I'm really that important. Mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends.... there so easy to forget, so easy to fade from existence. Everyone says that the eyes are like a portal to the soul, but that is a complete lie, no one knows my real soul nor they try... [Read More]

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04 Jan, 2012 01:21 PM

I wonder sometimes, why we have a heart only for it to get crushed and broken every time we open it. Why we still open up after having our hearts crushed. Why we allow ourselves to fall in love when we know nothing ever lasts. The thing is no one actually knows why. Me? I'm in love. with someone who doesn't even want to know. He gave up on me a long time ago. He was beautiful and my best mate until he kissed me and things got complicated. Before, i was already friends with his twin sister, and when they moved down my road i was happy that i had someone around my age to talk to when we had our street party. I hadn't really spoken to him before hand, just smiled when i saw him around school- he was a year older then me so i didn't... [Read More]

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