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About Me: I like heavy metal,Dubstep,and poetry.i read books to learn about life ^.^
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Omg a twist in my story <3 listen to that sng by second hand serenade <3 Music always helps me feel better,look that guy did not deserve you,if he did,then Fate would grant your wish.Dont look back in the past,move on,because you are special,you know that :3 "don't cry about it,smile because it happened"-Dr.Seuss. Look,at least you broke up with him,because It's fate :3 you know u sound like a stellar person to me :3 He may mean nothing to you,but come on its only one guy,I care for you, All these readers care for you,consider me your friend :3
Girls these days are such retards(-.-) And no offense because I'm a girl.but if this boy did so much to fall in love,at least he reached out For you,it's kinda rare these days to find a guy that would take a bullet for his valentine AHHH BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE BEST BAND EVERRR <33
:3 it's okay embrace who u are
Omg I cry too.i just hate it when n one understands you.i just hate it,ppl are decriminating my style because I'm not into girly stuff,I'm more into heavy metal.and yes I am a scene kid,I just wish u good luck :D


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