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Celebration Of Life Over Limitations


30 Sep, 2011 10:06 AM

All through my life up until now, I've controlled how to express my emotions, not because I didn't feel them, I felt them very deeply, but I certainly suppressed my inferiority and discontentment. Being a poor kid, I knew how to pretend I wasn't hungry, to act like I wasn't cold when I was freezing , and to feel like people?s words didn't hurt just because my state didn't give me the liberty to complain. My young heart was screaming up to the top of my lungs but words seemed hesitant to come out. I was mum as if the feeling never exist. There were several moments in my past life that my pride was confronted and had to convince myself to understand and give pardon although I knew things weren't right. I was tired of this negative emotion and I felt so dissatisfied. My fierce motivated me. They provoked... [Read More]

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My life


29 Sep, 2011 09:34 AM

Well, I'm only 13 years old now but have gone through and experienced many problems in life. From the age of two i was violently beaten, saw my mum get beat up nearly everyday by her boyfriend..I was locked in a cupboard and starved for a week, after that i was rushed to hospital very ill. I never really settled down when i was younger, I've lived in so many different places, including living on the streets for months on end..I used to go to sleep in the morning, wake up and my mum had gone.. she'd come back a day or two later leaving me and my little sister home alone at the age of 5. Things became worse, she took up drugs. It used to kill me watching her take drugs, knowing she was damaging her body.. She was constantly taking it then in bed ill.. Things cheered... [Read More]

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Constant fear of losing something

Mia Mill

05 Sep, 2011 10:29 AM

You know, you can call me a brat, a kid who doesn't know a thing about the world, because I'm just sixteen years old and honestly, I wish it was like that. Just to be a naive kid, to knows nothing about death, about money that seems to vanish and parents, who just get older and older. And in their shadow follows death. Certainly, but always lets go of them at the last moment. Seems to always leave you behind with the message don't forget me, one day I will come'. It began first when I was, I think, eleven years old. My mother had cancer. It wasn't that bad even though it was cancer, but we first didn't knew if she could recover. What made her conditions really worse were the medicaments she had to take. She was weak and you couldn't do anything than just watch. Watch your... [Read More]

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vikas tanwar

25 Aug, 2011 08:18 PM

I never liked my step-mother. She never liked me, and she was quick to show her displeasure when I came each summer to visit my father and my little brother, who is only three or four years younger than myself, I'm not exactly sure--we've grown apart. We were staying with my step-mother's parents and her little brother, who was fifteen at the time, for the weekend. I remember looking up to Raymond. He was 'cool' in a four-year-old girl's mind. I could almost say I had a crush on him. But hardly in a sexual sense. He told me we were going to play, 'Aladdin', which was my favorite movie--it had just come out on video. We built a 'fort', that was supposed to be Aladdin's home, which was a futon covered with a sheet. Raymond told me I was Jasmine, he was Aladdin, and we had just gotten married.... [Read More]

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Best Friends Gone Wrong


18 Aug, 2011 08:08 AM

Okay here's my story. I went to this new school. At first everyone there seemed so nice. The first person who first talked to me was franchesca. Then alyssa,tammy, and then julia who later became my best friends. I thought that we would be best friends because we all had this connection that made us get along so well. But that doesn't always happen. But let me fast forward unless you wanna here about crappy schoolwork. Then one day franchesca had to leave the school. It was a sad day I mean everyone was crying. But franchesca and alyssa were like super close. The closest in our little group. Anyway then me and alyssa got to sit next to each other in English,social studies,science,math,homeroom, and gym. So we started to become close. But then she started to become a little to nice I guess so she started being rude to... [Read More]

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how do i kill it?


08 Aug, 2011 12:28 AM

I'm 14 years old. Live with a family of four. Mom, dad and my brother. Sure we fight like normal families do, but we are totally normal. A loving family, could not ask for more. In school I'm popular, tons of friends, OK grades. Girls come pretty easy, but I'm only interested in one. But back to her later. Two years ago I was going into 7th grade. Which means I would be turning 13. I cant tell you much more about those days because honestly I cant remember them for the life of me..the life of that's changed....Anyways, that summer I lost a very close friend. I used to live next to her when I lived in California, some years ago. I was txting her and about 2 hours after we stopped talking I got a call from her brother Brandon. He told me something I couldn't register.... [Read More]

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The Day She Died


06 Aug, 2011 12:04 AM

IF YOU READ THE ENTIRE THING, I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! :) I would just like to first off say that this story is about me losing my step mom in April 2011 when I was and am currently 18 years old. Her name was Lisa and she was only 35. I had known her since I was 9 years old, which at this point is half of my life. I wanna say that she was so young and healthy, she was a typical girly girl who enjoyed reading gossip magazines, watching reality shows and sipping on fruity drinks. She was so hilarious and sarcastic and put a smile on my face every day. Whenever I was upset, she always knew what to say and how to handle the situation. I will miss her greatly. There's always that one thing you never hope to hear. I sure as hell thought... [Read More]

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I love you dad </3 (kinda long)


08 Jul, 2011 03:45 PM

It's about 5 years ago since that terrible thing happened and it won't just get out of my mind. It was summer 2007 and we planed to travel to an island in our country with some family friends.there were me,my mom,dad and my older sister.we all suppose to go on the road till there with our friends...very nice trip it was...on the road,different places and having fun... It was evening when we arrived to our destination.that island was really great,nice weather and nice beach,at night we all went to walk at beach with friends and family...the sea was perfect but the waves were scary. We all had fun and we were all together having fun till midnight. the day after that night was morning and we decided to go to beach with some of our friends. The weather was so hot,some decided to swim...sun was above of our heads...very... [Read More]

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All I have left of you

randi lynn

03 Jan, 2011 06:33 PM

Memories fill my head as i look at a picture of us at the lake. Do you remember that day? The day you told me you loved me.. The day you said we'd b together forever. I should have known it was to good to be true.Cause no one is as good as you. You were perfect.The man every girl wanted. I remember the day you walked away like it just happened. You held my hand and walked to the lake. You said that you couldn't do this anymore.That it wasn't working. You look away and let go of my hand. I turn away from you.. In shock... You walk away..And don't look back. You didn't care if i was ok or not. Tears fill my eyes and my throat begins to burn. I cant seem to learn. I still miss you. The memories hurt. But I dont want to... [Read More]

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