She would even die for him...


14 Mar, 2010 06:09 PM

This story is about my most closest and bestest friend in the universe and what she did for her true love...(kind of long but please read it if you can...) Emily walked into her 3rd period class Tuesday morning with a casual mood on. She came and sat down in her regular seat and noticed that someone that she didn't know was sitting in the desk next to her. "Hi, my name is Emily." Emily, the nicest person that I've ever met, greeted the new student in ease. "Hi, I'm Chris." The new kid replied. Chris was the new kid. He was very charming and Emily was very interested in him. She thought he had beautiful, brown eyes and he had perfectly cut hair. "So, are you new here?" Emily asked. She was always the type of person to question everything but that's why a lot of people liked her... [Read More]

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A Sad Sad Life


15 Jun, 2011 08:36 AM

Wake up!! Right now!! You're going to miss your bus, and I will not drive you! And you cannot miss any more days of school. Ally's mother yelled to her. Ally's mother Bridget Marie Parker is five foot eight inches, she has long blonde hair, and for an older lady it's nice and thick and luscious. She's very petite; she likes to act like she's a teenager she doesn't really want to take any responsibility. Here lately she has not been as nice as she usually is, but she has been going through a rough time. She has a very unique personality, she likes to be very random, very sarcastic not the rude sarcastic but the funny kind, she likes the corny cheesy jokes; she likes to act like a ditsy blonde. Ally Jade Parker is like her mother in many ways, but then again she is completely different in... [Read More]

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The Day She Died


06 Aug, 2011 12:04 AM

IF YOU READ THE ENTIRE THING, I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! :) I would just like to first off say that this story is about me losing my step mom in April 2011 when I was and am currently 18 years old. Her name was Lisa and she was only 35. I had known her since I was 9 years old, which at this point is half of my life. I wanna say that she was so young and healthy, she was a typical girly girl who enjoyed reading gossip magazines, watching reality shows and sipping on fruity drinks. She was so hilarious and sarcastic and put a smile on my face every day. Whenever I was upset, she always knew what to say and how to handle the situation. I will miss her greatly. There's always that one thing you never hope to hear. I sure as hell thought... [Read More]

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Thanks For The Memories


21 Oct, 2011 02:04 PM

It was 8:oo pm as my father came in and said we were going out for a surprise. This was rare, after my mother passed away after she gave birth to me, my dad was always finding it hard to juggling with his work and looking after me, this is hard as i am dyslexic. My dad needs to get extra help for me as I'm starting high school I am 11. My father took my hand and escorted me to the car. This would be the last time i set foot in this car. It was getting dark and the rain was pelting on the car i sat back and looked out the window to figure out where we were going. I was in the passenger's seat and my dad was driving. It was so cold outside that the car windows started to freeze. We were coming out of... [Read More]

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Tragic Christmas

Mystic Nightshade

21 Aug, 2011 09:58 PM

She shook nervously as she watched him leave his friends to go home. This was her chance. She had been crushing on him for nearly a year. However, because she was so shy, she could never muster the courage to really confess her feelings to him. When she had first moved to this town, she was too shy to make any new friends. However, he had been nice enough to talk to her and show her around. He was so kind and he always seemed so happy. Every time he smiled at her, she felt a flutter in her stomach and her heart would beat faster. When he saw her, he smiled. He knew from the first time he saw her that she was different. She was kind and she always seemed to put the needs of others before her own. Unlike most of the girls at school, she wasn't... [Read More]

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When the heart goes wrong


18 Dec, 2011 06:34 AM

There was a boy who just entered college. He was the not so popular guy with almost no friends. Until he fell in love with the most popular girl in the college... Every boy was after that girl... She hadn't even ever noticed him but he was always there trying to start a conversation... Eventually when time passed the boy became popular and became friends with the girl. Soon they were best friends, the girl always shared her sorrow with him and they were always on their phone talking. The boy thought that the girl also fell in love with him so one day he decided to tell her his feelings. He sent the girl a message asking her to come meet him in the park... The girl came and they started to talk Boy: Hi! Girl: Hi! What happened? Why did you call me? Boy: I have something important... [Read More]

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The Day When I Will See You Again

Faliha Ishma

07 Feb, 2013 09:29 AM

I had a best friend. He's a guy. We knew each other when we were still very young, about 2 years old. Well, our mothers were best friends. That's why I knew him, because our mothers were very close. I loved talking to him. He's like a big brother to me. I was always counting on him, on whatever. He treated me well. He encouraged me when I felt sad and devastated. He hugged me when I cried. He laughed with me when I felt happy. He fought with guys who made fun of me, or even made me cry. I just loved him so much. We did everything together. We played anything, we laughed at each other, we argued sometimes, but those arguments were just made our bonds even stronger. But, when we became teenagers, our feelings changed. Well, I still felt the same about him. But, I knew... [Read More]

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I Thought People Cared


26 Sep, 2012 05:18 AM

Life isn't too easy when the people you’re so used to having around, the people who you think cared about you, the people who you could trust no longer has your back. I know many have felt this way too so this is my story. Regina and Bert are not their real names. Gabe and Cat are real names in this story. Everything started in 8th grade. I had friends who I thought had my back for a long time. Friends that of course I could invite to parties and sleepovers. I had a liking for a new guy named Gabe. He was on TV once and that was to come to where I lived in 7th grade. I didn’t even notice him until 8th grade when certain people went to a DC trip. I was reading Maximum Ride at the time and like many other fan girls, I was... [Read More]

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Days of darkness


19 Dec, 2014 08:53 PM

Well this a real story of my friend Nikita. It is not so much of a story than her life as of yet which is so full of pain and suffering that now she thinks she is never gonna be happy again. She thinks the only solution of her problems is to end her life. So i wanna share her story and would love to have ideas and comments upon it. Hailing from an Indian brahmin family nikita has always been a shy, obidient and a studious kinda girl. She always scored good marks and did what was told to her without any questions. It was 6 years years ago that I first noticed her in my school. She looked very dull and sad as if something really bad had happened to her. I was curious so I inquired about her from my friend and other girls who knew her.... [Read More]

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heaven and Earth


17 Jan, 2012 10:41 PM

Who knew a school hallway could change your life, for better or worse...I remember the day I saw him. Bright blonde dyed hair and brown eyes that told a thousand stories with one glimpse of the eye. He could capture any soul. He wasn't super smart nor was he stupid, but one thing he did was never give up hope without a smile. His smile shinned like the heavens shinned over earth. His smile was the light to my day, without light how can you see where you are heading? Up? Down? Wandering in the darkness is what he did to me once he left. Senior year in high school my best friend and I were going to see if the guy she liked would give her his number. That was the day I met him. Strumming his guitar in the far corner of the classroom, acting as if he... [Read More]

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