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I wish that you knew


15 Mar, 2010 04:29 PM
I wish that when I walk away mad
You would follow me and make me be glad

I wish that when I stare at your lips
You would kiss me with your hands on my hips

I wish that when I push or hit you
You would grab me and not let me go through

I wish that when I start cursing at you
You would kiss and tell me you love me too
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Tags: Sad, Love, Always
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04 Mar, 2010 09:04 AM
I am sorry for what I did
I know that is not enough
But that is all I can say

Now I know what you feel
Now I understand your pain
I don?t ask for forgiveness
Because I know I don?t deserve it

I hurt you without even knowing
I left you without even telling you
All because I fell in love with him
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Waste Away

Colin Brody

24 Feb, 2010 12:52 AM
I've seen days when nothing comes out right
I'm not saying you should call my name
Just give me warmth, stay alone with me tonight
I've got nothing left to use in this life
And I'm just dying to see the end of it all

I can't help wanting to give up and cry
I want to curse and scream till my lungs give
Stumble over this stone-filled road and die
Because there's nothing left in this life
And I'm tired of pretending to live
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Tags: Depressing, Sad
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The End


07 Dec, 2009 09:49 AM
It is
As it was
And as it will be
For always
Locked in this closet of darkness
Hidden behind what the doctor says
Calling my name
But no personcan hear my screams
Can let me out 
No one can
Smiling is what I am good for
Like a glass doll
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Tags: Sad, Waiting, Pretending
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